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Hello and welcome to my webpage!

I work as a mindfulness-instructor, business coach (PCC), supervisor (STOry) and International Keynote Speaker helping groups, teams and individuals unleash their full potential to succeed in reaching their goals. Clients appreciate my holistic approach with special focus in stress reduction, resources, strengths, beliefs, success and optimal performance. I work in both business and sport context. International coaching sessions are working through Skype, Lync, etc.

I have entrepreneur background with 20 years experience in sales. Media and event productions and international Olympic level athlete management were my passion back in the days. I am co-founder of Boardexpo tradeshow, half-pipe World Cup winner in snowboarding and Board Member of Finnish Coaching Society (2012-2014).

You can see my background, education, recommendations, skills and more on LinkedIn

Some of my Keynote titles:

  • Mindfulness - performance, stress reduction and wellbeing
  • Mindfulness in self-leadership
  • Mindfulness - tools for recovery
  • Mindfulness - strengthening new habits
  • Mindfulness at work - wellbeing, high performance and efficiency
  • Mindfulness and self-compassion
  • High performance and results - mindfulness in sports

Client recommendations:

"Aleksi, without doubt can jump into any situation with a big smile on his face. What comes to our cooperation, he always managed to exceed my expectations. If you are looking for super positive person to give some extra vibes to any team or person, I would highly recommend Aleksi."
Antti Ruskeala, Head of Customer Service, Elisa Oyj

"Aleksi is one of the most efficient and luminous coaches that I have met. Interesting stories, real life examples and his expertise on human behaviour all combine beautifully in his workshops where the mental skills that leaders need to be successful is strenghtened. The energy and positivity that Aleksi has, inspires the participants. His exercises focus on real life practicality which helps the participants to utilize the practiced skills to their lifes and to get results. Aleksi is an excellent Business Coach and a good guy - I have enjoyed working with him."
Pasi Haaponiemi, Training Manager, AVA-institute

"I had the pleasure of working with Aleksi when he was doing mental training for the sports team I coach (GSA - Cheerleading). Aleksi was very enthusiastic and really wanted the team to achieve its targets. His ability to put himself in the individual team member's position and help them with their challenges was superb."
Heidi Idman, The Head Coach, GSA

"Very good inflight exercises by @AleksiLitovaara in Blue Wings magazine (Janyary 2016). Sit back and relax!"
Twitter: Arja Lindfors, ‏@arjalindfors

"Excellent day w/ #KrisseLipponen & @AleksiLitovaara on #positivepsychology & #mindfulness"
Twitter: Heini Hult, ‏@heinihm

"Listen to "Grow your courage". Itw w/ .@AleksiLitovaara https://www.timetoshinepodcast.com/aleksi-litovaara-grow-your-courage/ … #publicspeaking #snowboarder #NLP"
Twitter: Oscar Santolalla, ‏@osantolalla

"Big thanks to @AleksiLitovaara for sharing the tips&tricks for successful mindset with @FSecure Fellows! Smile!!!"
Twitter: Johanna, @SwitchonPeople

"We learned concrete methods to cope with pressure, thanks @AleksiLitovaara! #FSecure #BigSmile"
Twitter: Marjaana Virkkala, @m_marjaana

"@AleksiLitovaara Are you mindful or mind full? Research on mindfulness and practical exercises to stay focused this afternoon #925festival"
Twitter: Paula Harjula, ‏@pauharj

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Aleksi in the media:

2.11.17 How to Create a Winning Mindset - Surfer Of Life podcast

17.2.15 Public Speaking Podcast - Time to Shine: Courage with Aleksi

31.3.14 Read my mindfulness tips for people suffering from anxiety of fear of flying on Finnair's Blue Wings Mag

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Aleksi Litovaara
+358 50 592 0989
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Laidback Productions Ltd
Koillisväylä 15 A 1
00200 Helsinki

Professional ICF Certified Coach, PCC
Solution Focused Coach / Supervisor, STOry
Holistic Life, Career & Executive Coach
Mindfulness Coach
Trained Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC)
Asahi health® Instructor
Licensed Trainer of NLP
Licensed Sports Performance Coach
Firstbeat Expert
Keynote Speaker

Professional Certified Coach